Minera Copal


The Copal Project is an early-stage exploration project. The mineralization model includes several major mineralized structures whit characteristics of a polymetallic intermediate sulphidation epithermal system. Mineralized structures appear as Quartz breccia-veins with considerable width, kilometric length and recognized vertical development with economic mineralization of at least 200 meters with high values of lead, zinc and silver, with associated gold and copper. 

In the El Copal Project, at least four mineralized structures trending E-W to WNW-ESE and two NE-SW veins have been recognized but the sampling and mapping work currently being carried out has come up whit the discovery of new virgin mineralized structures which have not been described in this report.

The vein systems at the El Copal Project have a great potential to contain economic mineralization both at depth and laterally. It is highly recommended to continue with the surface mapping and sampling works and at the same time try to clean and restore access to the underground workings and carry out a mapping and sampling program that would lead to a better understanding of the behavior of the mineralization at depth. which would be very useful for the future application of exploration programs by geophysical methods and drilling. Carrying out exploration works for the reconnaissance and mineral evaluation of these veins is warranted