Minera Copal


The geological framework is represented by rocks of the Lower Volcanic Complex and the Upper Volcanic Supergroup on the western edge of the Sierra Madre Occidental. The Project Geology consists of an intercalation of andesitic breccias, flows and tuffs overlain by a package of rhyolitic to dacitic lava-flows, tuffs, breccias and ignimbrites; To the southwest of the El Copal area there is an intrusive with a granodioritic composition that affects the andesitic rocks. Structurally, this zone is affected by two fault systems, the main one, a NW-SE trending normal fault system and a second NE-SW trending system.

The El Copal Project includes La Libertad, La Esperanza, El Nicho, El Palmar, La Belén, La Minita and La Plomosa mines, the Ana Luisa Creek and Capomo Alto disseminated mineral showings, as well as several hydrothermal alteration zones.