Minera Copal


The El Copal Project is a 2713 hectares mining concession focused at the old historical mines of La Libertad-El Palmar. It is located in the central-south portion of the State of Nayarit, in the Municipality of El Nayar, approximately 2.7 km in a straight line north of the town El Naranjito de Copal and 37.5 km in a straight line northeast of the City of Tepic, Capital of the State. The main access to the project, starting from the city of Tepic heading east, drive for 52 km through the towns of Francisco I. Madero and Santiago de Pochotitán until reaching the Ahuapán Rural Jetty, at the Aguamilpa Dam on the western bank of the Rio Santiago. In this place, get on the barge with capacity to transport two vehicles, cross the river and drive along a good condition dirt road to the northeast for 6 km to the town El Naranjito de Copal. From that town continue along the same dirt road to north towards the town of Huaynamota and drive for 4.7 kilometers, then turn west through a 1.2-kilometer gravel road to reach the mines area. Another access route to the project would be starting from Tepic to the southwest by federal highway 15D towards the City of Guadalajara and at km 32.5 turn northeast driving 49 kilometer by paved road passing through Santa María del Oro until reaching the El Cajón Hydroelectric Power Plant. From El Cajón Power travel along a 62 km long poor condition dirt road to the north, passing through the towns of El Roble and Paso de Alica until reaching the town of El Naranjito de Copal.

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El Copal, Nayarit, México

Parallels 21°37'40.5" and 21°39'35.5" of North Latitude Meridians -104°32'22" and -104°35'18.1" of West Longitude Mines Zone centered at GCS 21°38’47.6” North Latitude & -104°34’00.3” West Longitude UTM E-544830, N-2393770, Zone 13N, Datum WGS-83