Minera Copal


The El Copal project comprises a claim of 2,713 hectares. divided into two larger blocks of land, the north block of 1610 hectares and the southern block of 1087 hectares, connected by a thin strip of land 1.6 km long by 100 meters wide. A Claim Reduction Request to conserve only the northern block of land (1610 hectares) has been submitted to the Dirección General de Minas, Ministry of Economy of the Mexican Government.

The local Ejidos Naranjito de Copal and Playa de Golondrinas, both of the Huichol ethnic group, control the surface land rights. Excellent relationship exists between the mining concession owner and the people of the community (Ejidos) that own the surface rights, which is why there are several agreements under which the holder of the mining concession has the right to move over the land and carry out different mineral exploration and exploitation works in the surface land of the Copal Project, but new negotiations with the Ejidos would need to be conducted in order to acquire the surface rights once it is necessary to do so.

The Copal Claim is large enough and has nearby electricity and water sources, as well as adequate suitable topographical features to be able to locate and install the standard industry infrastructure necessary to support future mining operations.